Workplace Wellness Council-Mexico and Post-Traumatic Stress & Psychosocial Risk in the Mexican Workplace: Year 1 NOM-035 Findings

On October 27, 2020 Wellness Checkpoint’s Founder & CEO, Zorianna Hyworon, was a featured guest of the Workplace Wellness Council – Mexico at their webinar on: Post-Traumatic Stress & Psychosocial Risk in the Mexican Workplace. The Workplace Wellness Council – Mexico is a corporate membership health forum representing over 95 Global Fortune 2000 companies.Close to 100 delegates joined in to hear from Zorianna, who was joined by guest speakers Gabriela Casillas (Health & Wellbeing, GSK) and Dr. Jorge Morales (Director Médico Latino America, […]


Health & Safety Productivity Management (HSPM) Conference, Mexico City

Feb. 6, 2020 – Zorianna Hyworon (InfoTech CEO) and Mike Hicks (InfoTech COO & General Counsel) spoke at the February 6th, 2020 Health & Safety Productivity Management (HSPM) Conference, Mexico City.

The health, safety, and productivity of their employees are strategic business concerns for businesses large and small, wherever they may be. At the inaugural HSPM Conference in Mexico City, Zorianna and Mike discussed how the Wellness Checkpoint health risk assessment can help employers take care of their human capital […]

Introducing the Wellness Checkpoint® NOM-035: Psychosocial Risk at Work Service

Late in 2018, the Mexican Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare introduced new legal requirements for employers in Mexico called “Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-035-STPS-2018”. NOM-035 took effect on October 23, 2019, so you need to take action now!

Identification & Analysis to help you comply with Mexico’s new law for employers. The Wellness Checkpoint® NOM-035: Psychosocial Risk at Work Service has you covered.   It includes:

online administration of the NOM-035 recommended surveys to identify workers experiencing Severe Traumatic Events or Psychosocial Risksall required notifications to the […]