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Engage your entire workforce

Wellness Checkpoint’s comprehensive Health Risk Assessment adapts to your company’s unique global requirements while providing a tailored individual experience.

Adaptive & Dynamic Content

Wellness Checkpoint adapts dynamically to the respondent’s answers, regional and cultural variances and other client-selected configuration settings. It supports informed decisions, provides an engaging and tailored experience that encourages action.

26 Languages

Your employees speak different languages and you need a health assessment that does too.

Wellness Checkpoint is available in 26 languages and with 8 regional variants so they can take the assessment and see their results in their preferred language. Click here if you ‘d like to know more.

Configuration Options

From experience, we know each client has its own unique objectives, scope and context for the delivery of a global risk assessment. Meeting that need is our strength.

InfoTech’s proprietary software platform provides unparalleled flexibility in the online delivery of the assessment. It includes customizable and “plug and play” optional components that can be configured to brand and dynamically adapt the delivery to each client’s requirements, the participant’s responses, regional and local considerations, and more.


Respect for privacy and the confidentiality of information, at both a client and respondent level, is a fundamental promise of InfoTech and has always been the underpinning of our products and the services we provide to our clients.

We use best in class technical and organization security measures to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided by participants.


We understand that a health assessment may be only a part of your overall employee health promotion ecosystem.

As part of your global solution, Wellness Checkpoint works with your other programs and providers to create a single, unified solution, easily and securely migrating information between systems.

Evidence Based

Wellness Checkpoint is built on a solid, evidence-based foundation, reflecting internationally recognized standards and guidelines. Where these vary by region or country, configuration options allow the assessment to adapt to local requirements. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Branding & Content

Wellness Checkpoint provides a comprehensive set of branding, configuration and client content options so it can be tailored to your specific requirements, programs and priorities.

Choose the branding, visual themes, client zone content (images, links and text), authentication, assessment configuration, risk stratified referral protocols, resources, and integration options that best fit your unique needs.


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