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The History of our Wellness Checkpoint HRA

InfoTech Inc. was established in 1984 in Winnipeg, Canada. Its founder and CEO, Zorianna Hyworon brought to the company extensive experience, expertise and personal passion for the application of technology to support informed decisions for consumers and business leaders. See the Video.

Our organization and the history of Wellness Checkpoint

Zorianna had a vision of an online health risk assessment with the potential to engage an individual privately and respectfully. Completing the assessment would create an “intervention moment”, giving pause for reflection and leading to informed decisions to set goals and take action. Group risk profiles would enable the employer to identify and prioritize needs and evaluate the business case for investment in risk reduction strategies. Over time, the impact of individual’s changes would be reflected in measurable outcomes and quantifiable risk reduction.

In 1990, InfoTech launched the Wellness Checkpoint and that vision became reality. In the years since, InfoTech has continued to enhance the uniquely powerful Wellness Checkpoint, an “industrial grade” HRA which adapts the experience of risk assessment to the program and business priorities of our clients.

In the more than 25 years since its initial release, Wellness Checkpoint has become the leading global health and productivity risk management service used by Global Fortune 500 companies as well as by many other corporations and businesses, large and small. InfoTech’s benchmark database represents the largest global data resource for connecting health with productivity. Our founder, Zorianna Hyworon, has been recognized with the ”International Leadership Award in Health and Productivity Management” presented by the Institute for Health & Productivity Management (Orlando, March 2010) and with the “Canadian Workplace Wellness Pioneer Award” presented by the Health Work and Wellness Conference (Vancouver, October 1, 2010).


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