Our Health Risk Assessment

Dynamic & Comprehensive

Wellness Checkpoint’s HRA provides a comprehensive questionnaire that guides users through a dynamically tailored, respectful and confidential assessment. It considers their lifestyle, health status, work and life outside of work. Our HRA helps them understand how their lifestyle choices influence both their current and future health. We speak to them in their own language, adapt content to their answers and give them visually engaging and actionable information.

26 Languages

Your employees speak different languages and you need a health assessment that does too.

Wellness Checkpoint is available in 26 languages and with 8 regional variants so they can take the assessment and see their results in their preferred language.

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User Experience

With a fresh, intuitive user interface, Wellness Checkpoint engages users in a respectful conversation about their health. Content dynamically adapts to your configuration and their region, their language and their answers. It is both mobile-compatible and screen reader friendly.

Business Context

Your application of Wellness checkpoint will be carefully configured to ensure that it captures the specific organizational demographic information you need to ensure your data can be viewed in business relevant terms: by business unit, country, and site.

Custom questions provide additional business criteria for group selection and management reports. Optional modules provide measures of health-related work limitations and productivity loss while at work as well as absence from work.

This business context enables a presentation of timely relevant actionable metrics that drive informed business decisions.

User Reports

Wellness Checkpoint provides users with a variety of clear, concise and profile-specific reports immediately upon completion of their assessment.

The cornerstone is the Personal Dashboard which, at a glance informs the respondent about his/her personal lifestyle risk status and indicators for future risk, sets out recommended priorities for lifestyle action and offers suggestions about setting goals and what to do next.

Core and Optional Questions

The core assessment of Wellness Checkpoint covers the risk factors most impacting health, specifically major diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.  Topics include lifestyle, biometrics and health status, identifying both current risk factors as well as future risk exposure, highlighting opportunities for personal action upstream of disease.

Optional validated screening modules assess depression (PHQ9), work limitations (WLQ) and sleep and fatigue, drawing the connection between health and work.  Other optional modules profile work demands, as well as sources of stress at work and life outside of work.

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Well-Being Age™

Proprietary, science-based Well-Being Age™ and Well-Being Age Adjustment™ metrics consider your employees’ Well-Being Assets and Well-Being Challenges to quantify net impact on health, performance and quality of life at work and outside of work.


Wellness Prescription

Part of making informed decisions is knowing what to do with the information you have and what resources are available.

Our risk-based triage system, Wellness Prescription, gives users a profile-aware experience with tailored messaging that directs them to available resources such as EAP providers, screenings, coaches, other programs and online health information. Where required, the referral protocols and available resources may vary by country or region.

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