Before things go south: Monitoring new-normal workplace culture

More and more in these difficult times, organizations are being tested on how well they’re adapting strategies, approaches, and policies to reflect current realities. And it’s up to the leaders to help their organizations face adversity.

For more than 25 years, InfoTech Inc. Founder & CEO Zorianna Hyworon has helped performance-driven companies like Air Canada, CIBC and IBM manage business risk and enhance the health, well-being and productivity of their employees.

How can you be sure your workforce is thriving?

Zorianna recently shared her perspectives on how the “new normal” could impact work environments and how leaders can leverage data, metrics and insights to inform policies and detect signs of workplace risks and issues. She presented these findings at the Better Workplace Virtual Conference on October 26th.

And during this session, Zorianna provided practical take-aways on how leaders can monitor workplace culture during organizational change and uncertainty.

Workplace culture vs Organizational change

The social consequences created by COVID-19 have had a disruptive effect on employees and businesses alike. Some of those who adapted and adjusted quickly have seen positive outcomes. However, those who were slow to adapt encountered difficulties adjusting to the new normal and have seen big challenges

The Culture of Caring

The future will provide a more detailed view of these effects on our workplace culture along with social connections, psychological safe leadership and a culture of caring being some of the first steps organizations will need to undertake. The role of the employer has never been more important! To learn more about how Wellness Checkpoint can help your company and your business, please contact us at