• Your Global Solution

    The comprehensive Wellness Checkpoint Health Risk Assessment recognizes your company’s unique global requirements and delivers a respectful, culturally appropriate experience.

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  • Our Health Assessment

    Wellness Checkpoint’s comprehensive questionnaire guides users through a dynamically tailored, confidential assessment which considers the health of the whole person, including lifestyle and health status, in the context of work and life outside of work.

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  • Business Analytics

    Wellness Checkpoint is the industry-leading decision support system for health and productivity management, specifically designed to assist performance-driven companies manage business risk related to health and productivity.

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Health & Business

News & Events

  • Welcome to Canada!

    Welcome to Canada!

    InfoTech sponsors a Syrian Family and in doing so rediscovered why being a Canadian is such a privilege.Read More
  • Executive User Forums

    Executive User Forums

    Late last year, InfoTech hosted two very successful client seminars, one in Rome and the other in Mexico City.Read More
  • Mexico City Event

    Mexico City Event

    On December 9th, InfoTech hosted an invitation-only event in Mexico City on “Trends in Aligning Health and Work: Mexico within a Global Perspective”.Read More
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Our Key Differentiators

26 Languages and Counting

Speak to your employees in their language. From Arabic to Ukrainian, we’ve got you covered.

Appropriate, Adaptive Content

Content has been optimized to adjust to individual responses, health status and region to create a more personalized experience.

Flexible Configuration Options

Tailor Wellness Checkpoint for your different employee groups by region, country and business with custom questions, content and branding.

In-Depth Global Benchmarking

Give your data real context by comparing it to industry peers, country norms and internal as well as external benchmarks.

Seamless Integration

Wellness Checkpoint easily integrates with and into internal and external providers and applications.