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Management Reporting

Speaking the language of business, Wellness Checkpoint is the industry-leading decision support system for health and productivity management. Wellness Checkpoint delivers baseline and ongoing measures to quantify risk exposure, evaluate opportunities for program investments or interventions and track impact over time. It supports informed business decisions for health and productivity risk management at the program, site, regional and corporate levels.

Management Reports

Harness the power and flexibility of Wellness Checkpoint’s on-demand group reporting for company management.  The Wellness Checkpoint suite of standard and custom management reports, scorecards and dashboards provides the information required by performance-driven companies to drive informed health and wellness program decisions. Click here for more information


Want to know how your organisation measures up against country, regional, global and industry peers?

Our Benchmark Reports put this powerful information in your hands, on demand.

Key Metrics

Business needs data that can support informed decisions for management action and delivers value. We’ll work with you to understand your unique key metrics, then put those into your chosen scorecard and dashboard format.

Predictive Model

Wellness Checkpoint takes a broad view of risk, identifying and evaluating not just existing conditions but also evidence-based pre-disease predictors upstream of disease. This identifies high risk individuals immediately on completion of their assessment, guiding them to a personal intervention moment that encourages them to take action to avoid heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions.

Our predictive model quantifies risk exposure and tracks impact on risk reduction before the onset of disease, giving you the power to make informed business risk management decisions.

Risk Management Metrics

Looking only at the current health of your employees and your organization doesn’t provide a full view of risk exposure. Balancing lifestyle and current health status with a predictive view of future risk, Wellness Checkpoint’s risk management metrics give you a more complete view of your current status and future risk exposure, and tracks the overall impact of your wellness strategy and investment in programs and resources.


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