Resilience Checkpoint™

Resilience Checkpoint™

Our new Resilience Checkpoint™ targeted questionnaire incorporates evidence-based measures of:

  • Resilience – the ability to perform sustainably when working under pressure in fast-moving and changing environments, and bounce back from difficult or stressful situations
  • Resilience Factors – personal characteristics like self-efficacy, mattering, social support and positive emotions that support resilience and protect against the negative effects of adverse events
  • Resilience Assets – the physical and mental health resources that can enhance and offset the negative effects of risk factors (Resilience Challenges) that undermine resilience

So how Resilient are you? Find out with Resilience Checkpoint:

  • Read your personal Resilience Checkpoint™ profile report for an assessment of your current resilience status
  • Learn what your Action Priorities should be to become more resilient
  • Review a list of your Resilience Factors and Resilience Assets
  • Access useful resources that can help you make positive changes to enhance your resilience

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