Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-035-STPS-2018 Introducing the Wellness Checkpoint® NOM-035: Psychosocial Risk at Work Service

Identification & Analysis to help you comply with Mexico’s new law for employers

Late in 2018, the Mexican Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare introduced new legal requirements for employers in Mexico called “Norma Oficial Mexicana NOM-035-STPS-2018”. NOM-035 takes effect on October 23, 2019, so you need to take action now!

The Wellness Checkpoint® NOM-035: Psychosocial Risk at Work Service has you covered.   It includes:

  • online administration of the NOM-035 recommended surveys to identify workers experiencing Severe Traumatic Events or Psychosocial Risks
  • all required notifications to the employee are presented immediately on completion of the survey, with feedback appropriate to their risk:
  • employees identified as requiring clinical evaluation based on NOM-035 rules are told their risk status, that they need to have a clinical evaluation and who they can contact to receive the required clinical services
  • all employees receive information on their personal overall risk level, as well as contributing factors based on the categories, domains and dimensions of psychosocial risks detailed in NOM-035
  • establishing baseline data on psychosocial risk factors for tracking impact of your prevention policies and action over time
  • administrative reports to:
  • track participation and document that the employer has met its obligation to ensure employees have completed the required surveys
  • document employees referred for clinical evaluation and ensure that these employees have received the required clinical evaluation
  • facilitate selection of employees for interviews by Ministry inspectors
  • group reports using Wellness Checkpoint’s powerful DataBanker LIVE management reporting portal to identify priority risk areas, support the development of action plans for prevention of these risks, monitor their effect on health and track impact over time and to document compliance with employer obligations under NOM-035 and company policies

A Range of Implementation Options

You can implement the Wellness Checkpoint NOM-035: Psychosocial Risk at Work Service however best fits your needs. You can:

  • do the Severe Traumatic Events survey only, as required for October 23, 2019
  • do the Psychosocial Risk Identification survey as necessary to support the development of the policies, processes and action plans that must be completed by October 23, 2020
  • do both the Severe Traumatic Events survey and the Psychosocial Risk Identification survey as a single screening process (advantages: meets NOM-035’s broader objective of screening all employees for psychosocial risks and provides a full baseline of data for evaluation and correlation of all risk factors for tracking change over time)

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