Zorianna Hyworon speaks at ICOH 2018 Dublin Conference

“A Global View of the Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Health, Work and Well-Being”. Presented April 30, 2018 in Dublin, Ireland.

Zorianna Hyworon, CEO of InfoTech Inc. presented her findings on a “Global View of the Impact of Psychosocial Factors on Health, Work and Well-Being“ to an appreciative audience of occupational health professionals, colleagues and peers at the recent ICOH (International Commission on Occupational Health) 32nd International Congress in Dublin, Ireland. In her presentation, Zorianna drew from her experience of over 20 years working globally with multinational employers with the Wellness Checkpoint decision support software and focussed on the impact on work performance of psychosocial factors such as personal stress, depression, sleep & fatigue issues, financial concerns and organizational stress.

The session was Chaired by ICOH Board Member Dr. Elia Enriquez, and Zorianna was joined by Dr. Jorge A. Morales-Camino, Medical Director of P & G Latin America, who spoke on the impact of psychosocial factors on productivity in a large multinational company with operations in several countries in Latin America.

Learn more about Zorianna`s findings by downloading her 2018 presentation here.