Inuit Family Stories

Recently, InfoTech was asked by its long-standing client CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) to join it in supporting CIBC’s 2018 United Way Employee Giving Campaign.  The United Way is one of our favourite charities, so of course we wanted to help.

We commissioned a piece of sculpture art from renowned Inuit artists Goota Ashoona and Robert Kussy, to be auctioned at an event hosted by the CIBC.  The artists themselves were as honoured and eager to help as we were, admiring the fantastic work done by the United Way and its contributions to local communities.

The beautiful piece they created is entitled “Inuit Family Stories”, and it includes a number of truly unique features.

Materials include grey whale bone, beluga whale bone, 19th century glass trade beads & buffalo horn, coming together beautifully to showcase the many faces of the north and the relationships between its people and the land. These items were gathered by members of several local communities from the northernmost regions of Canada, including the beaches and tundra of Baffin Island and the Hudson Bay areas who then gifted them to the artists. As they do with all their art, the artists respected the cultural and environmental freedoms of the people when they incorporated these finds into the sculpture.  The artists’ work can be found in galleries around North America and the world.